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Refund Policy

Dispute Reporting

If any dispute is found in the services than Users can Mail the support@dcloudzone.com, In case you are not satisfied with the work services within 7 calendar days of the service provided. Otherwise you expressly relinquish any ability to dispute the standard of service and any connected refusal to pay our service and service charges. We will respond to your written complaints as soon as possible with a appropriate resolution. All complaints that don't seem to be resolved by America are going to be resolved by binding arbitration as set forth herein.

We have 30 days money back policy with following terms

  • 100% of Subscription plan price will be refunded, if claimed within 30 days of from the date of subscription purchase.

  • The refund policy is not applicable for per One Time Support (Incident) plan.

  • No refund after 30 days of from the date of subscription purchase

Successful Return Requires

  • You have all the basic materials which were required to resolve the issue and Issue was not resolved during account was active.

  • Out of Scope Issue for particular subscription plan

  • The issue was last worked upon by DcloudZone technicians and 30 days have not passed

  • There has not been resolved issue or a closed ticket in the past for unlimited plans.

Call us at our Toll Free No. 1-855-442-2927 for quality Technical support.


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